Sell with Urania

Power of Attorney to Sell

If you decide to give us your works for sale Urania Casa d’Aste will take care to assist in all procedures. Upon delivery of the items you will be issued a document ( power of attorney to sell ) containing the list of items , stock prices , the commissions and any costs for insurance , photos, and transport , as well as the probable date of sale . Should be provided identification card and tax code for the annotation on the records of the Police held at the offices of Urania Casa d’Aste .

Urania Casa d’Aste does not replace the principal (Owner, mandator) in dealings with third parties .

Reserve Price

The reserve price is the minimum amount (including commissions) , agreed with the seller, to which the given object can be sold.

This amount is confidential and will be protected by the Auctioneer at auction . If this price is not reached , the item will not be sold.

– Commissions

Commissions Urania Casa D’Aste shall be calculated  on the hammer price with the following percentages:

up to € 2.999,00 – 15% of the hammer price

above or equal to  € 3.000,00 – 11 % of the hammer price

Resale Right

D.lgs  n .118/2006 (in application of Directive 2001/84/EC of the European Parliament) introduced the right of authors of an original work of art (e.g.  books and manuscripts) , and their heirs, for a royalties on the price of each sale, after the first: the so-called “Resale rights”.

Such royalty is due if the sale price is not less than € 3.000,00 and it’s calculated as a percentage of the sale price of the works. The sale price is divided into five portions and the rate of the royalty ranges from 4% to 0.25%, depending on the portion.

However, the total amount of the royalty may not exceed € 12 500:

1 . 4 % for the portion of the sale price of between € 3,000 and € 50,000;

2 . 3 % for the portion of the sale price of between € 50,000.01 and € 200,000;

3 . 1 % for the portion of the sale price of between € 350,000 and € 200,000.01;

4 . 0.5 % for the portion of the sale price of between € 500,000 and € 350,000.01;

5 . 0.25 % for the portion of the sale price of more than € 500,000

Urania Casa D’Aste is obliged to pay the “resale right ” on behalf of the sellers to the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers ( SIAE) . This royalty is excluded from commissions paid by the seller for any item sold.

Incidental expenses

It will be requested a partial lump-sum to the cost of insurance, custody and placement in the catalog of € 5 for each item included, just in case of sale.

– Comunications

After the auction a list of all your lots with its outcome will be sent to you.

The unsold items may be withdrawn or, by agreement, kept at Urania Casa D’Aste for  30 days:  during that period,  they can still be sold by private negotiation.


After 30 day from the date  of the auction, and in any case after finishing the collection business, we will provide the payment  behind the issuing of an invoice containing detailed fees and any charges.