Buy from Urania

– Exhibitions Auction

Our auctions are held quarterly in major Italian cities and they will be preceded by several previews in the most important trade fairs of comics and a general exhibition of all the items that will take place during the day immediately before the auction at the site designated to it. These exhibitions  aim to give you the opportunity to examine the works and to be able to clarify any doubts with our experts.

– Hammer in the room

The auctions are open to the public and without any obligation to purchase. The items are usually sold in numerical order as listed in the catalog. The frequency of sales is approximately 90-100 items per hour, but may vary. Items are awarded to the highest bidder and are for cash, the winning bidders will not be allowed to collect the items until the payment will be successful.

– Auction Fees

The buyer will pay an auction fee (inclusive of VAT and income tax expenses) calculated on the hammer price of each item as follows:
20% up to € 50,000.00
17% more than € 50,000.00
The Purchaser shall pay to the Urania Casa d’Aste the hammer price plus auction fees immediately after the conclusion of the auction, and in any case within 7 working days, unless otherwise previously written agreement with Urania Casa D’Aste.

– Written and phone bids

If you can not attend the auction, Urania Casa D’Aste will bid  on your behalf. To access this service, completely free of charge, you will have to submit the form placed at the bottom of the catalog or at our offices,  attaching a copy of an identity document. The items  will be bought as cheaply made possible from the other bids. In case of bids for the same lot, it will be preferred the one received first. The bids shall be made as follows: – € 25  up to 300 – € 50  up to 1000 – € 100 up to 3000 – € 200  up to 10,000 – € 500  10,000 Urania Casa D’Aste also offers to its customers the opportunity to be contacted by telephone during the auction to compete for the purchase of the items offered . You will just have to submit  a written request (using the form ) that must be received by 12.00 on the day of sale . The service will be granted depending on the availability of the lines at the time and the number of requests. However, it’s recommended to make an offer that will allow us to act on your behalf only if it were impossible to contact you.

– Payments

The payment of the lots must be paid in EURO, immediately after the conclusion of the auction , and in any event within 7 working days with one of the following forms:

  • cash (2.999 euro)
  • debit or credit card (for payment by credit card, please refer to Conditions of Sale)
  • caschier’s check, payable to: Urania Casa D’Aste di Daniel Gradella
  • bank transfer
  • bank check, after having agreed with the administration
  • online payment via PayPal (please refer to Conditions of Sale).

In case of payment by check or bank transfer, the payment shall be deemed made only after the bank of Urania Casa D’Aste has confirmed has confirmed the credit funds.

– Withdrawal of Items

Bought Items shall be immediately withdrawn, unless otherwise agreed. On specific written instructions from the buyer, Urania Casa D’Aste may treat the services of packing and transportation at the expense and risk of the same buyer. For more information, please refer to Conditions of Sale.