Urania Auction House presents its 13th Auction
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and the special Auction dedicated to Guido Buzzelli!


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On the occasion of his 13th Auction, Urania Auction House has selected works of major international artists from the early 20th century to the present day.
Great artists like Kirby, Buscema, Pratt, Barks, and Crepax will star in a general catalog that features 388 lots of original works, including artworks from graphic novels, comic strip, Disney stories, and illustration from the early XX century.

On this occasion Urania is proud to present a monographic catalog dedicated to Guido Buzzelli.

For the first time, thanks to an exceptional collaboration with the Buzzelli heirs, 55 original comic arts from the famous Roman author, known worldwide as the Michelangelo of monsters, will be auctioned.

All the artworks will be auctioned on Saturday 6 June in a single auction session from 2:00 PM.


Saturday 6th June 2:00 PM

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A catalog for everyone!!!

The art of Guido Buzzelli among nightmares and reality

«Buzzelli loved horses, drawing and jazz. He loved to tell stories and draw them.
He had a longing within him, a mad desire to tell. He worked frantically giving his best. The French public loved him, made a star for him. Italian critics did not always agree.
It bothered him to insist on the existential unease of the individual in a sick, corrupt society, attentive only to power, unable to cope with human needs.
It seemed to them that his claim to put the reader before certain problems with raw, violent images was too much.
Guido used his image as an antihero, taking on all the vices and weaknesses. In his inner torment, he developed fantastic stories that could then cause nightmares.»

(extract from the introduction to the catalog by Grazia De Stefani Buzzelli)

«For Buzzelli, the comic was like” a theater of paper and ink, pocket and library, where the actors are motionless, waiting for someone to leaf through the pages to come to life “. His mission as an artist was to animate the images traced on white paper by representing characters who, like living beings, manifest all human emotions. In his drawn literature, as stated by Silvano Mezzavilla,
“not only did he put his huge technical baggage at the service of storytelling through images, but he went deep into the material to be narrated, fathoming the abysses of the unconscious so as to touch places of the soul that no cartoonist before him had described it. ”
The themes expressed in his fantastic tales are timeless and therefore still current, despite the fact that they are now fifty years old.
The imaginary world of monsters, which according to Georges Wolinski populated the nightmares made by the author for fear of waking up one morning and no longer having his appearance, is the same that we find represented in his tables. Buzzelli, like a modern Doctor Jekyll, designed these subjects as an antidote, to be sure of returning to being himself at every awakening.
A deep pessimism prevails in his comics and hidden anxieties emerge. It does not offer readers the hope of a happy ending and does not delude anyone about the hope that the way will be better; his graphic novels do not console and above all do not give answers.
On the contrary, his art, both in the form of comic strips and paintings, only gives us questions.»

(excerpt from the introduction to the catalog by Marco Prandi e Paolo Ferrari)