Urania Auction House presents its 14th Auction
dedicated to original Comic Art and Illustration by the great masters of comics
and the special Auction dedicated to venetian master Hugo Pratt!


Browse the special catalog entirely dedicated to
Hugo Pratt that will be auctioned the next
21 November!


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On the occasion of his 14th Auction, Urania Auction House has selected works of major international artists from the early 20th century to the present day.
Great artists like Segar, Buscema, Pratt, Barks, and Crepax will star in a general catalog that features 517 lots of original works, including artworks from graphic novels, comic strip, Disney stories, and illustration from the early XX century.

On this occasion Urania is proud to present a monographic catalog dedicated to Hugo Pratt.

Through the auctioning of 25 original comic arts by the venetian master, we will retrace the epic lived by Pratt in the early years of his career between his experience in Argentina and his return to Venice.
The comic arts of Sergeant Kirk, Ernie Pike, L’Ombra and Billy James will make us rediscover a golden period in the production of this italian genius.

All the artworks will be auctioned on Saturday 21 November in a single auction session from 2:00 PM.


Saturday 21 November 2:00 PM

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Following the COVID-19 emergency,
the auction will be held behind closed doors,
ensuring our customers the opportunity
to participate remotely
by written, telephone and internet offers.

A catalog for everyone!!!

Hugo before Corto: the years between historieta and comics

«Imagine having dreamed of America for five years. Not a specific place in America, north, south or center. No. You have dreamed of America as a name, a situation, a drug, a postponement, an expansion, an escape, a beginning, an Eldorado, an adventure or an escape. Imagine having climbed on many ships and being lowered from the sides to soak as many times. And one day you find yourself on the ship with your ticket and everything, and your luggage and a girlfriend who greets you on the dock, with the hated-beloved Italy going away; with the horizon tumbling aft while the bow of the ship wave after wave opens the doors of the world for you. And you are just over twenty years old. On the land that after having raised a scenery of mountains sinks into the sea, you leave your past which is the inextricable tangle of coincidences that inserts you into that indistinct future that is in another place. I felt placed out of time. If the present is a mental abstraction to distinguish the past from the future, I felt the rhythm of life in mid-air with emotion like a seagull suspended motionless in the sky. I was traveling to Argentina, […] paid ticket and employment contract with Editorial Abril.»

(Hugo Pratt, Le Pulci Penetranti, Alfieri, 1971)

«Throughout my childhood and early youth I lived immersed in an exotic and fascinating universe. From this universe I constantly draw stories and elements of inspiration for my work and, although I am aware that that universe no longer exists today, I continue to live my desire to redeem it and shape it in thousands of different ways, as long as in form, essentially unique, of the graphic adventure which I believe remains the most modern and profound means of communication ever to communicate such messages.»

(excerpt from an interview to Hugo Pratt by Joan Benavent – 1979)