Urania Auction House presents its 15th Auction
dedicated to original Comic Art and Illustration by the great masters of comics
and the special Auction dedicated to American comic book!


Browse the special catalog entirely dedicated to
American comic book that will be auctioned the
next 29 May!


The unsold lots from 15th Auction are available at starting price + 17% until 14/06/2021.


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29 May!


On the occasion of his 15th Auction, Urania Auction House has selected works of major international artists from the early 20th century to the present day.
Great artists like Manara, Pratt, Jacovitti, Mattotti, e Crepax will star in a general catalog that features 513 original artworks, including artworks from graphic novels, animation, Disney stories, and illustration from the early XX century.

On this occasion Urania is proud to present a monographic catalog dedicated to American comic book.
Through the auctioning of 107 original comic arts made in U.S.A. we will retrace the epic story of american comics from superheroes to comic strips.
You will find masterpieces from the best american artists like Winsor McCay, John Buscema, Milton Caniff, Jack Kirby, Floyd Gottfredson, Bernie Wrightson and many more!

All the artworks will be auctioned on Saturday 29 May in a single auction session from 2:00 PM.


Saturday 29 May 2:00 PM

Auction room:

Following the COVID-19 emergency,
the auction will be held behind closed doors,
ensuring our customers the opportunity
to participate remotely
by written, telephone and internet offers.

A catalog for everyone!!!

Fanfulla by Pratt

The storyof the soldier of fortune Fanfulla da Lodi were published for the first time in episodes on the pages of Corriere dei Piccoli between 1967 and 1968. The adventures of Fanfulla were born at the same time as “Una ballata del mare salato”, which since 1967 has been published in the Sgt. Kirk magazine, but it is with Fanfulla that Pratt decides to break the mold, both graphic and editorial. In fact, squeezed into the rigid graphic cages imposed on him by the director Carlo Triberti, the master of Malamocco bursts into the narrative with enlarged and asymmetrical vignette, often increasing the loads of blacks so as to reinforce and reinvigorate the dynamism of the story, it was precisely this desire for graphic and intellectual freedom to sanction the end of his collaboration with the Milanese weekly.

Altai & Jonson by Cavazzano

Born in 1975 from the fervent genius of Tiziano Sclavi and the masterful brush of Giorgio Cavazzano, Altai & Jonson are the parody of the various Starsky and Hutch of the American crime films and TV series that depopulated in the 70s, soon becoming a cult title. « I remember that Altai & Jonson was, for me and for Giorgio, the first important comic. Without Altai & Jonson, without Cavazzano, Dylan Dog would probably never have been born. » (Tiziano Sclavi)